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International Lean Master Black Belt

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training
Six Sigma Online EU now offers Lean Master Black belt training in Johannesburg, South Africa. Six Sigma Master Black Belts focus on advance tools and facilitation skills required to lead change within their organisation. Full course outline available on request. For further information regarding Six Sigma training, course requirements or consultation, Six Sigma course advisors are able to answer any questions you may have, and can supply additional information about our training programs. They are contactable on International number +27 21 426 5300.

To Achieve Certification
Four courses require to be completed (Opex Training, Advance Lean, Change Leadership and Lean Tools)
Achieve a 90% or higher exam grade on the Master Black Belt Exam (Covers Green Belt and Black Belt course information and the above 4 courses)
Complete 3 projects, each showing statistical evidence of a primary metric improvement and one of which should be a large-scale project.
Deliver a presentation to an appropriate audience. A paper submitted to a periodical can be used in lieu of the presentation.
Be nominated for MBB status by a 360 degree team. Three letters of nomination are required: one from a supervisor, one from a peer and one from a protege.
5 years proven Leadership and Management skills
Successfully completed Black Belt

Course Duration
4 weeks academic class ( run over 4 months)
Exam Date (2 exam dates per year) to be done within a year of last course
Presentation date (2 dates per year) to be done within a year of last course
2 years to complete all 3 projects as of the first date you enrolled into the course


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