Green Belt DMAIC Six Sigma Course

Green Belt Six Sigma DMAIC Courses in Europe

Six Sigma EU is a leading Six Sigma Training provider for many of the largest companies in Africa and Europe. We have been established since 1999, and are now twenty years into this business. For anyone wishing to choose the correct training provider,  it is crucial to ensure you choose a company with a successful track record in the Six Sigma/Lean space. At Six Sigma EU, we work closely together with companies to assist them according to their specific training needs.


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Course outline for DMAIC Six Sigma Green Belt :
Six Sigma Green Belt courses prepare candidates for Greenbelt Certification on DMAIC principles. Green Belt requires candidates to demonstrate a skill set which includes starting and completing projects and using a data-based approach to solving practical problems.

Who Should Attend Six Sigma Green Belt?
Process engineers and managers, Quality Engineers and managers, Manufacturing/Production engineers and managers, Service Process Improvement personnel, Customer Service Officers, etc.

Classroom Based Option:

Course Duration:                  5 days (8:45 – 15:30) on the Friday you write an exam that you need to pass before you can complete the project

Project Durations:                3 months to complete the project. 

Total Cost:                             Euros 1399

Venue:                                   Germany (Dusseldorf), Ireland (Dublin) / Onsite training for 7 or more delegates

Pre-Requirements:               Project Management experience and Yellow Belt training

Course runs:                         Pre-reading, Project and Portfolio of evidences to complete. Consultation with each delegate for 3-6 hours after the course (via  phone or email)

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Introduction:   Define and Measure Phase:
Course Logistics (rules, program layout, expectations)
What is Six Sigma? (introductory overview)
Project Selection
Project Planning and Charters
Internal Process Measures
Introduction to DMAIC project management
  Basic Statistical Concepts
Control Charts
The Define Phase
Process Mapping
Measuring System Analysis
Process Capability Analysi
Analyze Phase:   Control Phase:
Root Cause Problem Solving Tools
Basic Experimental Design (Hypothesis Testing)
Linear Regression
Introduction to DOE
The Improve Phase
  The Control Phas
Basic Cost Benefit Analysis
The Control Plan Strategy
Error proofing
Levels of Control
Review and Wrap-up